About Me

Homeopathy is a whole course of treatment for even the diseases that are yet incurable with other general treatment ways. Though a bit slow process but the achieved results are all without any kind of side effects and this is the major plus point with homeopathy that you cannot even deny with. For the painful joints and stiff joints, you will never find a more sound treatment than that of homeopathy or with the kids – they will actually love to eat the sweet medicines of homeopathy and won’t cause a headache for the parents to make them eat the medicines or even for the slightest cold you get every now and then and that disturbs your overall health, you will not find a better medicine then aconite in this case and the list goes on when we talk about the advantages of homeopathy over other ways of treatments. So, my opinion always side with the use of homeopathy over the other antibiotics or general medicines.

My family had a doctor element as every other person wanted to be a doctor, so belongingness to this profession was by birth. The part where homeopathy came in was by accident when I got a mere cold but was real frustrated that why I have to suffer with this cold every other day. I researched it a bit and concluded that I should at least pay a visit to homeopathy doctor and then will further decide on the truthfulness of the facts. I was really surprised by the end results as I was able to put away my cold symptoms as soon as I had a feeling and thus it got a bit interesting that it really works. Though, with the world, there exist a huge community that actually has lack of faith in the achievable results with the use of homeopathy and that is the cause that I thought that I must begin exploring the field and after the exploration process, I thought why not start something that will actually help the others in the same regards with all the information I have gathered and researched.

Coming to the particular fact of the information available in this site will be very typical as the major subject under discussion will be homeopathy. As it really is a controversial topic where there is a community who does not even accepts it as even something but then there is a community who has all the faith in it. Not only communities, a whole bunch of organizations are fighting over it so all such news will be given a dedicated mention here where emphasis will be put on the major causes of this controversy and the predicted results after a span of few years. Also, the pros and cons that will be followed by the use of homeopathy or even some of the best bloggers in this regard will be something I would really like to share with my visitors. In other words, a major topic and all the information confiding in it will be available here so keep up here to let yourself informed.