Q. What is Homeopathy Controversy all about?

A. In the 1700s and 1800s, Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician had began with homeopathy. During this time period, the medicine consisted mercury, leeches, and lead for treating the illness. The approach made by him was effective and gentle. During the time period of mid-19th century and after, homeopathy has grown its roots in the parts of North America and Europe.
John D. Rockefeller himself told that he uses homeopathy for his family as well as himself. He also looked into it and made sure that all his interests in petroleum and pharmaceutical actually benefit him. He also merged with the largest international pharmaceutical, IG Farban.

Q.How Hahnemann Developed Homeopathy

A.He conducted some trials on patients and volunteers. He used proof based medicines in order to establish certain specific results. Though, his researches and premises were unknown to the world.
He believed that there is a vital energy that keeps on running within our bodies, this phenomenon is called vitalism. In the beginning, he determined that the substances which produce symptoms like the ailment symptoms can actually heal the ailment. This became to be known as ‘law of similar’. He used derivatives of toxic plants first and then had to dilute them with water. Later he found that dilutions were much more stronger than the strong solutions. Thought these could be diluted, shaken again and again. This is called potenziation.

Q.How are homeopathic remedies made?

A.Homeopathic remedies are made by a process called succussion. The process involves shaking and dilution. One can determine the potency of remedy by the times it has been diluted. Usually, the dilution part should be of about 1/100. The procedure is termed as dynamisation or potentisation. It has changed a bit since it was first demonstrated and verified by Hahnemann.
If you see a homeopathic medicine with the label “Arnica 30”, it means that it has been made from Arnica tincture. It also implies that one part of the hundred has been 30 times succussed. After dilution and succussion, only the quality of material has to be seen. The other ingredients that are used are tablets, ethanol, that are made from lactose, sucrose, or the mixture of the both.

Q. How can such dilute medicines work?

The one of the most important question is how do these dilute medicines actually work? There are certain homeopathic medicines that contain low dilutions of the substances used to make it. Low dilutions are just fine what makes the situation of homeopathy controversial are the high dilutions, that are diluted more than the point they have to be. These high diluted homeopathic medicines have made people say that the homeopathic medicines are nothing but just water.
Also, researches have shown that if during manufacturing process, vigorous shaking is done then it can further change the property of the water in which the substance is dissolved. All this might result in displaying biological activities at high dilutions.
Though science till now has not got any answers to explain actions of high dilutions in body, but, the experiments done in laboratory indicate that homeopathic medicines might cause some biological effects.