Homeopathic Treatment for Constipation

Constipation is a common condition that affects almost every individual at any given time in their lifetime. It is a state where your feces are hardened making you experience a difficulty while emptying your bowels. Homeopathic medicines can significantly help in treating constipation. It can be used to treat people by improving the mobility of the bowels. Examples of the commonly used homeopathic medicines used in the treatment of constipation include;Nux Vomica, Opium, Alumina, Bryonia Alba, and Silica.

Bryonia Alba

Bryonia Alba is considered as the best Homeopathic medication for constipation characterized by a dry, hard stool passing in lump form. Your stool is extremely scorched, and you have much difficulty when it comes to the passing of stool. In some instances, you may notice abdominal distension. Bryonia Alba can also be used to treat a headache resulting from constipation.

Nux Vomica

This is suitable for nursing constipation when you are experiencing scanty stool with inadequate urging. This homeopathic medicine is meant for someone passing little stool often. Your stool is typically inadequate and unsatisfactory. One may experience abdominal constipation. This medicine is useful for treating someone with a desk-bound lifestyle.

Lycopodium Clavatum

Lycopodium Clavatum is useful for treating constipation that is attended with a bloated abdomen and flatulence. This type of homeopathic medicine is necessary for nursing constipation for the elderly people.


Alumina is applied in cases where one doesn’t have the desire to evacuatestool. You may not evacuate stool for many days where you only pass stool when there is a significant accumulation of fecal matter in your intestines. Alumina can also be used to treat the condition where there is a lot of straining when passing stool despite the stool being soft.


Silia is the best homeopathic medicine when experiencing a type of constipation where your stool recedesinto your rectum.  This may result into the constriction of the anus as one may get extremely exhausted. Additionally, you may experience a burning sensation and anal pain.Silicea is also suitable for women who experience constipation prior to and during their menses.

Lycopodium Clavatum

Lycopodium Clavatum helps you treat a bloated abdomen and can be used to get rid of bowel syndrome. This type of homeopathic medicine works best for the old suffering from severe constipation.


These two homeopathic medicines are effective for curing constipation that alternates with diarrhea.AntimoniumCrudum can also be used to treat anal itching, soreness of the rectum, and mucus mound. When prescribing Podophyllum medicine, you should consider features including; a clay-colored stool, gurgling in bowels, highly offensive stools, and prolapse of the rectum with stool.

Nitric Acidand Ratanhia

These homeopathic medicines are recommended for anal crevices experiencing constipation.Ratanhia helps you to treat the constriction of the anus when passing stool and anal fissure with burning pain. You may experience constant burning even after passing stool. Nitric Acid serves as the perfect solution when experiencing pain and bleeding when passing stool.

Homeopathy offers you a variety of medicines to choose from. When looking for the best homeopathic medicine to purchase, you should look at the descriptions and go for the one that matches the symptoms of your constipation.